Raising a Building Height in Andhra Pradesh

The process of House Raising permits a landholder to relocate their home, amendment the home’s elevation, or roll the house aside. This ensures higher property emptying and aesthetic in addition as letting any form of necessary excavation.

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The end result’s a replacement foundation, that adds price to the house and property, and provides a serious improvement to the elbow room.

House Leveling

The building of a structure on increasing or getting soil, improperly compacted fill soil, or poorly maintained soil will cause foundation subsidence and shifting. regardless of the reason behind a shifting foundation, this will diminish property price and even render the house or building unsafe or uninhabitable.

Introduction to Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh is recognized diversely for its legendary dynasties, temples, lovely language – Telugu, lacquer toys and delightful weaves, wealthy literature and also the spirited Kuchipudi. province has typically been referred to as the “food bowl of the south.”

Andhra Pradesh is set on the  eastern coast of India and is that the eighth largest state in India.

Hyderabad is that the capital of both Andhra Pradesh furthermore as Telangana however it remains the

First State jure capital for province.

The state is progressing to build Amravati its new capital.

It is an attractive state that is wealthy in culture and heritage.

There square measure lovely palaces, museums, beaches within the state.

Geography of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has varied topography; Telangana, Orissa and Chhattisgarh are in north of it, Bay of Bengal is in east, Madras in south and Karnataka in west.

It has the second largest outline in India.

It also has 2 necessary rivers flowing through it, Godavari and Krishna.

Brief History of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh’s history dates back to the sacred text period. The earliest mention of the Andhras was mentioned within the Aitareya Vedic literature and it had been referred to as Dakshina Pandit throughout those days.

There is proof that the coastal kingdom of province was quite flourishing throughout the Satavahanas amount and round the Mauryan age, there’s proof that Andhra was a political power.

After the autumn of the Satavahana Empire, Andhra was left during a political turmoil. once the disintegration of the empire, the Ikshvakus of Nagarjunakonda came into power. there’s proof that underneath this empire Buddhism had flourished.

Andhra was conjointly underneath the management of the Kakatiya dynasty, the Reddy kinfolk, Vijaynagar Empire and also the Mughal rule. At the beginning of the colonial era, there was a serious war between the English and French at Chandurthi in 1758, throughout that the latter was defeated by British people army and maharajah Ananda Gajapathi Raju of Vizianagram. In 1792, British took over this space once defeating the maharajah.

Post independence, the Nizam of Hyderabad wished independence from Republic of India, however he was forced to be a section of India in 1948. In 1953, the States Reorganization Commission was appointed to make province on linguistic lines.

Andhra state was integrated with the Telugu speaking space of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh was created in 1965.

Yanam was integrated with Puducherry in 1963 and is one in every of districts of gift day province. shortly later on the Telengana Movement started and state was divided.

Economy of province
Andhra Pradesh has terribly sector specific policies and this has light-emitting diode the state to draw in sensible investment in their numerous industries.

The state has provided opportunities to varied pharmaceutical corporations as a result of the supply of ports.

It has contributed heavily in marine exports and it accounts for twenty second share of the whole marine exports.

Since there square measure varied natural resources within the state and since of the compatible policy incentives, there has been major growth in sectors like biotechnology, prescription drugs, mines, minerals, animal skin and textile.

There are numerous coal primarily based power plants and this is often as a result of the ports gift.

The Government has conjointly taken initiative to take a position cash for development of business.

Andhra Pradesh Travel data

Andhra Pradesh is understood because the Koh-i-Noor of India and there are varied places to go to during this lovely state. it’s acknowledge for its wealthy natural resources, rivers, historical monuments etc.

The city of Visakhapatnam encompasses a ton to supply, and it’s not solely a beach destination, however it’s lovely lakes, caves, valleys and hill ranges furthermore. it’s several beaches like R.K. Beach, Lawsons Bay Beach etc. The Borra Caves are set close to this town and it’s illustrious for its million year previous cylinder and cylinder formation.

The Araku valley may be a illustrious hill station that is wealthy in diverseness and has occasional plantations and waterfalls. it’s a stunning traveler place that attracts vast variety of tourists each year. Horsley Hills is additionally a illustrious hill station.

Places to go to embrace Lake Gangotri, Environmental Park, Horsely repository and Gali Banda. It conjointly offers zorbing that is associate coming sport.

Andhra Pradesh is additionally home to 1 of largest fresh lakes in India that is that the Kolleru Lake and it’s set between the Krishna and also the Godavari Delta. it’s a life sanctuary and is of international importance. There are numerous religious and journeying sites furthermore, like Turupati. This temple is visited by countless devotees each year.

Nellore conjointly has large significance as a result of its religious inheritance and there are places like Krishna Mandir, Ramalingeswara Temple, Narasimhaswamy Temple that are visited by several tourists.

Vijaywada conjointly has lovely heritage sites and caves and hills. Chittor is associate agricultural city and it’s illustrious for its hills, rivers, forts etc. it’s conjointly home to the Kaundinya life Sanctuary, script Hills, Horsley Hills etc.

Kurnool has many caves and forts and also the town is encircled by parallel running mountain ranges. Anantapur has forever been illustrious for diamond mining and it’s placed close to the state of state. It homes one in every of the most important trees within the world that is that the “Thimmamma Marrimanu”. The branches are cover 2.5 acres.


Education in Andhra Pradesh

The state encompasses a sensible education system {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} Government has also enforced the Fee compensation theme for the economically backwards section of the society.

The Government has conjointly launched many comes which might improve the education system. Oracle has joined forces with the govt. to introduce its business and technology information to the scholars. this is able to build the scholars additional employable and would profit them greatly.

There are initiatives which might profit the lady kid like Bangarutalli that aims to make sure that for each lady kid born, the govt. would watch out of the kid until she completes her graduation.

Food of province
Andhra food is understood for its hot and spicy style, however the cookery is extremely completely different in numerous regions as a result of its numerous topography.

In Coastal Andhra the staple food is rice and food.

The Andhra breakfast is additionally illustrious and it consists of idli, vada, dosa, tea or occasional.

The Hyderabadi Biryani is additionally well-liked and plenty of Andhra culinary art follows the Mughlai culinary art as a result of the influence of the Nizam.

Andhra pickle is additionally extremely popular.

Their most illustrious sweet preparation is pootharekulu that may be a skinny hotcake full of sweet seasoned cardamom power.

Rivers of Andhra Pradesh

The state has 2 major rivers flowing through it and that they are Godavari and Krishna.

Godavari flows through Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, state and Orissa furthermore. It springs from the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, however the stream receives most of its water not from the Western Ghats, however within the lower reaches. It flows into the Bay of Bengal.

Krishna is that the second largest stream and it flows from Maharashtra for 780kms before it reaches province. There square measure alternative tiny rivers like Pennar, Nagavali, Vamsadhara, Tungabhadra, Manjeera, Swarnamukji, Pranahita etc.


Dance & Music of Andhra Pradesh

Kuchipudi is of the foremost illustrious dance forms in province. The origin is derived back to the Natya Shastras. The dance is performed to the classical Carnatic music and it’s terribly the same as Bharata Natyam. This dance kind needs variety of individuals.

The state has nearly thirty 3 types of tribes and every of them have their own dance forms.

There are alternative dance forms like Vilasini Natyam, Andhra Natyam, Burrakatha, Veeranatyam, Dappu, Butta Bommalu, Tholu Bommalu etc.

The state is additionally illustrious for its wealthy musical heritage. it’s same that Carnatic music has been instigated from the Gods itself.

people songs are extremely popular in province and that they are sung throughout festivals, marriages, birth of a baby etc.

Arts & Culture of Andhra Pradesh

The contributions of Annamacharya have created Telugu the well-liked language of Carnatic music.

They have influence over international and musical genre furthermore.

Kuchipudi springs from Bharatnaytam. Since they need been dominated by nice dynasties, they need a mixture of Nizami tradition and royal Hindu heritage.

The state is that the pioneer in wood and stone carving.

Kalamkari, Bidri, Nirmal paintings have created their name everywhere the planet. Bathik print is employed whereas printing sarees and dress materials.

Festivals of Andhra Pradesh

Hindu festivals like Dussehra, Deepavali, Sri Ram Navami, Krishna Janmashtami, Vinayaka Chavithi or Ganesa Chaturthi and Dhegiha Shivratri square measure celebrated within the state. Similarly, Muslim festivals like Bakr-Id and Id-ul-Fitr and Christian festivals like Christmas and Easter are celebrated with gaiety. However, the celebrations of Ugadi (Telugu January 1 day in March-April) and Sankranti (in January) are celebrated within the state.

Bathakamma is special to the Telengana region. within the month-long competition, deity Bathakamma’s idol is loved and is created to float on the rivers and lakes.

The annual business events embrace the Visaka Utsav (from the third Friday to Sunday of January), Deccan competition (on the twenty fifth of Feb, of that the Pearls and Bangles truthful may be a part), Rayalseema Food and Dance competition (in Oct, at Tirupati) and Lumbini competition (from the second Friday to Sunday of December, at Nagarjunasagar and Hyderabad).


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