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While there may be many reasons you will have to be compelled to lift a house, the principal causes are sometimes to dig the foundation or redevelopment a crumbling establishment. Some homes were developed on a block with simply a crawl area. Getting start with the high quality work you need look some safety aspects like the quality of jacks, reputation of the company and their previous work.

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House Raising Contractors

How to Increasing the height of a building?

Now that peoples expect to increase their side room, One can go for new house but its not the solution all the time. For building that don’t have any basement under the building, this means the house can be elevated so as to dig and develop the bottom walls.
While many of building owners can still be within the house whereas it’s jacked up, it’s not wise. Before developing out any work to raise the house, you must get all the utilities disconnected and went out of the space. All electrical, petrol,water and waste product lines ought to be disconnected from the area properly.

Lifting a house is work of 20 to 25 peoples where all are engaged with 5 to 7  jacks. below is the building that is already been raised by our team.

House raising company in Hydrabad
House lifting and shifting services by hydraulic jacks

Building Lifting Services may be a style of service offered by contractors that focus on foundation replacement, repair, demolition and solutions to harmful drain or flood water. building owners choose to carry their homes upraised from the land for various causes. The 3 most well known reasons are for building a further construction, preventing water injury or getting ready a foundation already ruined by water injury.

We recommend you to take our services because we are working here since last 20 years.

Watch out the video given below for  complete House Lifting Process in Hyderabad

Building  Lifting Video


We have been providing specialized Services  as a regular and well repudiated service provider during this space. we have an ability to maintain with the core values of desirableness, safety,  preciseness and integrity.  We have a tendency to infer the precise project necessities and discern with proficiency to supply result-oriented services. Providing foundation support & strength and rising lower level elbow room, this technology save prices further as time. Likewise, our professionals create use of innovative instruments and engineering sciences to supply right and reasonable House Lifting cost.

All our extremely valued building raising services are given as per the customer requirements. With high level safety, desirableness, cost-effectiveness, our Technology has won the hearts of the many peoples. Today, we have become the faithful Service provider with constant result-oriented services.

If you wish to add a story or want to lift your house or you need to add basement in your building, you don’t ought to waste time and cash taking out and redevelop a wonderfully sensible building, to not mention cleanup or transforming the ground simply below the ceiling. we have got much experience to upgrade the present structure to merely on top of the new desired height (typically between eight  to eleven bases). a brand new brick floor system is then created on the present foundation walls and exterior frame walls are place in area. Once all the bearing points are in place, our crew can come to line the house onto the newly-constructed level.

Why to choose Building Lifting Services in Hyderabad ?

If your home is below the lane level and waste water often flows in, reconstruction isn’t the most effective or best solution. With today’s technology you’ll be able to simply raise the desired height of your building. which too with none risks in the slightest degree. we provide fast and reliable house raising services that are really exceptional. It’s time to avoid wasting cash and sleep in constant home that you’re wont to living in. we tend to are here to assist you and your family. and that we are assured that you simply will certainly appreciate our solutions. we are concerned in giving Lifting and shifting service with the assistance of Jacks in unison with the wants of our valued purchasers. Our service is rendered by trained professionals, United Nations agency have Brobdingnagian experience in their various domains utilizing innovative tools and technology. That is why people in this city choose our services. This service is widely known within the marketplace for its timely execution, promptness and reliableness. Further, the jacks we tend to use to uplift the homes are well-tested on numerous parameters to make sure their high enduringness. Moreover, we tend to assure that offered service is rendered as per the requirements of purchasers with none reasonably structural injury. House lifting service offered by us is undertaken by the consultants with utmost particularization. We are the best contractors in your city

The availed service is delivered by us victimization the trendy technology and trained hands for the lifting the building. Also, our team of professional engineers is very versatile and renders the service as per the specification provided by the consumer. Our well trained team of engineers for building raising services is always ready to help you. reputable purchasers will avail these House Lifting service at purse friendly rates. It could be a glorious technology of lifting the amount of home while not inflicting damages on that. These days, people are switch towards hiring of house elevation suppliers as they supply best services and charge reliable costs. Dream Land makes the procedure terribly simple to their client’s desires and want. With the utilization of subtle tools and technology, we tend to are famed for the most effective solutions faraway from any injury or crack. We are the best and leading company in Hyderabad. because of the experience of our professionals, we’ve got been engaged in giving glorious quality Service. This service is rendered by our versatile consultants in compliance with the international quality standards. we tend to are equipped with many forms of hydraulic jacks that are extremely economical to carry house while not creating any reasonably injury.


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Lifting and Shifting Related Services that we offered are as follows:

We have lifted so many houses in India with our power full technology of house lifting so if your looking to lift your house then you are most welcome here.

Home Leveling:  Because of any reason if your house is got bent or there is any leveling issue in your home we are the best choice for your home in near your city.

Building Lifting Services: Get your building height increased as much as you need. Our technology in India will raise your building height without any damage. We are well experienced in of  lifting so keep reading our articles and whenever you need building raising services in your city or if you are looking for best house raising company in Hyderabad then you will always find us on Google.

House Raising: Raising the height of a house is now easy with our hydraulic jacks. These are much powerful and they can avail the heavy weight on them. So we use these jacks and we always made you happy with our services.

Shop Lifting: We have seen it so many times in our daily life that there are so many govt works around us on regular basis, in these works there is a work that is know road construction or amendment . because of this the road level goes up and our shop or showrooms level goes down that create so many issues in our business so if you are facing this type of issues in your daily life then you are most welcome here to lift your shop or mall at a desired height.

House Moving: As told in the above statement because of road construction your house may be in the govt are as well or because of the road width you may need to demolish your house. To avoid the demolish come to use we will move your house right lift, back or in front side any time without any damage.

Temple Lifting

Home Moving

House Sifting

Temple Shifting

Building Shifting


  1. Shrinivasan

    I am Shrinivasan, I have a 2 floor building and I want to lift it up to 5 feet. can you please suggest how much budget is required there and how much time will it take to complete the whole work. I need this work to be done immediately if you guy can do it then contact me via email as soon as possible

    • admin

      Thanks for reaching us Sir, I will send you all details on your email please reply with your mobile number or you may call at 8930888666. We will provide you the best building lifting services in Hyderabad.

  2. Y.M Reddy

    My house is very old and it is without lantern, is it possible to lift it up to 5 feet. House walls are still so strong. what are the maximum and minimum cost to lift a building in Hyderabad?

    • admin

      It can be done safely sir, no need to worry about that. Keep in touch with us

  3. Sinha

    What are the possibilities to shift a building? we have a 8000 sq. ft. constructed area in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. There is nothing on the right and left side of the building but on back side where we want to shift it there is another house aprox 10 feet away from ours. so please tell the possibilities of shifting my house.

    • admin

      Thanks for reaching us. please tell how much feet you want to shift your house? also share your mobile number or call use at 8930888666

  4. V. K. Ramya

    I have a commercial building that I want to lift up to 6 feet What are your charges for lifting my commercial building in hyderabad

    • admin

      We can lift any building any where in India whether it is a commercial building or residential. Dear sir please share your mobile number so that we contact you or call us at 8930888666

  5. Meghna

    Hi SIr/Madam I am Meghna looking to lift my house about 5 feet in main Hyderabad city because of this rainy season. Because of the rain I got my building down as compared to my neighbors and this drainage water is causing issues in these rainy days please suggest us as soon as possible.

  6. Virendera

    It is the largest city and capital of Andhra Pradesh, India and one of the largest City in India as compared to the other metro cities of India It is one of the different city as well because of its constructed buildings around it. In the list, a number of tallest buildings are located in groups that owned by so many millionaires. The City filled with modern buildings which used for Office, Apartments, Commercial complex. The Tallest Buildings in Andhra Pradesh in India are listed below in order of decreasing Height. Because we care about our city and we are leading building construction company, so many people approach us to lift their building, we are looking to contract with you to lift commercial or residential buildings. Please contact us as soon as possible

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