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Are you looking to lift or shift your residential or commercial building or house? Then we are the best and reliable choice for house lifting in Kolkata, West Bengal for you. We have been betrothed in providing House Lifting Services in West Bengal since our origination in 2005. Our diligent troop of pros use the most recent machinery and jacks for raising buildings to desired level. Further, we have a tendency to accomplish these House Lifting Services in West Bengal for repairing foundations and leveling purpose inside committed time-frame. Also, our services are far-famed for his or her easy management, efficient nature and promptness.

Key points:

Building moving or House raising is finished with utmost expertness, our specialists additionally see to that that each stage of our operations are dole out in a correct manner, so pleasing you on the far side all doubt and saving you on the financial front.

Main Services we offers in West Bengal, India are as follows:

  • Building Shifting
  • House Lifting
  • Building Raising
  • Basement Making
  • Low Cost House Lifting Services
  • Apartment Uplifting
  • House Relocation Services
  • Bungalow Lifting
  • Foundation Replacement
  • Home Elevating
  • Cost Effective House Lifting Services

Why Choose for House Lifting Services in Kolkata?

  • Ensure negligible injury to putting together structure
  • Award-winning company of highly-trained and qualified professionals
  • No further charges
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Provide utmost satisfaction to the purchasers
  • Your building sustains no cracks and any other damages
  • 100% safe lifting and shifting services at reasonable cost
  • Extremely competitive cost in the market


Introduction to West Bengal

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee composed his illustrious song, “Vande Mataram”, in 1882, he was in many ways figuration the sweetness of Bengal. Some things here are still eternal. The made culture of the state binds the population along through its distinctive unity in diversity and offers incomparable geographical selection to its guests. Province, situated within the eastern a part of the Indian peninsula, is one among the country’s medium-sized, states. However, in its physical kind, it’s a whole illustration of the Indian landmass. Darjeeling, its northern finish, is embraced by the arms of the mighty Himalayas. The Doors within the foothills are made in forest. The unconquerable watercourse Ganga flows across the state’s wealthy deposit plains to achieve the Bay of Bengal within the south, through large swamps that are known as the Sundarbans.

Geography of West Bengal

West Bengal is stretching for regarding three hundred miles from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal; West Bengal’s geographic is as distributed as its culture. Through West Bengal runs the tropic of cancer. West Bengal is encircled by the 3 international frontiers within the north, namely, Bhutan, Kingdom of Nepal and Bangla Desh. On its northeast lies the inexperienced vale of Assam. On the east lies People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Bihar lies on the western aspect. To the southwest, lies Orissa, the state with, its golden beaches, and therefore the Bay of Bengal lies to the south of West Bengal. Ranging from the mighty Himalaya Mountains within the north to the Bay of Bengal within the south, West Bengal may be a cluster of various physical options. Returning downward, the state homes a number of the rare species of life within the Sundarbans that’s additionally the natural surroundings of the renowned Royal Bengal tiger. Between the Himalayan mountain region and therefore the delta region lie the fertile Gangetic plains.

Brief History of West Bengal

West Bengal was at one time referred to as Vanga and was meet a colossal area. dominated by many dynasties from precedent days, the particular history of this region is, however, on the market from the Gupta amount. The prosperity and therefore the importance of the state hyperbolic for the most part once British East India Company took over the place. it absolutely was a widespread Bengal province till below the terms of the Indian Independence Act, 1947, the province of geographic region ceased to exist. The Muslim-dominated districts, namely, Chittagong, capital of Bangladesh and a part of Presidency and Rajshahi division visited the contemporary Bangladesh and therefore the state of province came into existence in 1947.

The district of Cooch Behar was incorporate with the state on January one, 1950. The previous Chandernogor came among the state on Oct two, 1954 and therefore the state got its gift political boundary once, in keeping with the States Reorganization Act, a part of the state of state was transferred to province.

Districts in West Bengal

Burdwan division, Bankura, Bardhaman, Birbhum, Jalpaiguri, Malda, North Dinajpur (Uttar Dinajpur), South Dinajpur (Dakshin Dinajpur), Howrah, Kolkata, Murshidabad, Nadia, North 24 Parganas (Uttar 24 Parganas), South 24 Parganas (Dakshin 24 Parganas), East Midnapore (Purba Medinipur), Hooghly, Purulia, West Midnapore (Paschim Medinipur), Cooch Behar, Darjeeling, Alipurduar


West Bengal Travel data

West Bengal is one of the primary destinations in a tourist’s itinerary visiting the eastern a part of the country. Kolkata the capital of the state, is that the proud intellectual capital of the country. the town has created outstanding contribution to the country within the fields of art, science, medicine, social reform and literature. the town retains a number of the foremost putting colonial buildings of the country. It accustomed be the capital of the British East India Company and therefore the proof of the British formation continues within the town even these days. The Victoria Memorial may be a majestic house created within the memory of Queen of England. This building homes variety of rare specimens of the historical preserves of the land. Moreover, the manuscripts, the paintings and therefore the sculptures here are outstanding. Howrah Bridge is yet one more landmark that denotes this town of joy. This hanging bridge is an fine arts marvel of the country. The second largest planetarium in Asia, the Birla Planetarium, is another site that pulls attention of all, despite their age.


The botanical garden with its 250-year-old banyan (Ficus bengalhensis) is another, attraction of the town. The Dakshineshwar Temple is a crucial pilgrim’s journey center that pulls variety of tourists further as pilgrims from everywhere the country. it’s aforementioned that Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, the religious guru of Hindu Vivekananda, accustomed worship god Kali during this place. The recently designed Vidyasagar Setu, another architectural marvel, connects each the banks of the Hooghly watercourse. Thakur Bari, the residence of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, is another site that receives a herd of tourists each year. Moreover, the railway line Railway, National Library, sufferer Minar, Eden Garden, Fort William, Rat Park and Marble Palace are a number of the opposite sites of the town that are value visiting.


Shantiniketan, Tagore’s university administrative district, may be a should on any itinerary that plots geographic region as a stopover. simply 2 and a 0.5 hours away by rail from urban center, this city within the Birbhum district is made in culture and art. At Tagore’s residence within the Uttarayan complicated, one may visit the deposit and his varied homes. From Shantiniketan, you’ll additionally take a visit Bakreswar, wherever ancient Kali and Shiva temples rise into the azure sky. the recent springs are far-famed for natural action several chronic diseases. For witnessing the sheer magnificence of the mountains, untouched and unspoiled, one ought to visit Capitol Hill station of Darjeeling, located 7,000 feet higher than water level. Darjeeling is known for its flavored tea everywhere the globe. The brew is commonly compared to champagne and therefore the tea gardens that dot the slopes are witness to the present large trade. The range mountain climbing Institute may be a paradise for trekkers. province has heap additional to supply as a traveler destination.– Digha, Siliguri, Gaur, Pandua, Murshidabad, Bishnupur, Haldia and therefore the Sunderban Tiger Reserve are a number of the few places of province that require to be mentioned here.

Rivers of state

The main rivers of the state are: Dwaraka, Bakreswar, Kopai, Damodar, Hooghly, Teesta, Brahamaputra, Jaldhaka, Torsha, Punarbhava, Atrai, Ganga, Bhagirathi, Mayurakshi, Brahmani, Rupanarayan,  Sankosh, Raidak, Mahananda, Mahanadi, Balason, Machi, Tangan,  Kansabati or Kasai River and Subarnarekha

Economy of West Bengal

Minerals, like rock phosphate, fire clay, iron, limestone, copper, silica, quartz, Mn and arenaceous rock are found in an exceedingly extensive quantity within the state. As a result, many industries associated with these are being established within the state. Steel and steel plants in Durgapur and another manufacturing plant in Burnpur are a number of the vital industries of the state. alternative industries embody jute, tea, cotton textiles, cars, bicycle, footwear, leather, paper, prescription drugs, chemicals, aluminum, sugar, timber process, ceramic, glass, bone metal, and dairy. 55 p.c of the population of province depends upon agriculture. In fact, agriculture makes a considerable contribution to the state’s financial gain. West Bengal accounts for fifty seven.3% of the overall jute and pure gold of the overall tea created within the country. Pulses, barley, maize, betel leaf, tobacco, oilseeds and sugarcane area unit a number of the opposite agricultural merchandise of province. Moreover, there are many useful irrigation schemes in province, namely, the Damodar vale, Mayurakshi, Kangsbati and Subarnarekha Barrage. The irrigation schemes are Teesta-Mahananda link canal in Jalpaiguri district, Terageria and Turga irrigation theme in Purulia, Hinlow irrigation theme in Birbhum district and Sohajare theme in Bankura district.

Education in province

In the whole of the rural province and within the most of the municipal areas the first education is free and obligatory. Free provider of text books is below taken. Ladies education up to straightforward VIII has been created free in rural and concrete areas, together with Kolkata. Colleges in West Bengal are either pass by the government or by non-public organizations. Colleges chiefly use English or Bengali because the medium of instruction, tho’ Hindi and Urdu may additionally be used. the faculties are related to with the Indian Certificate of education (ICSE), the Central Board for education (CBSE), or the province Board of education. province has fifteen universities. The University of urban center has quite two hundred related to schools. geographic region Engineering & Science University and Jadavpur University have notable engineering establishments. Notable collegess embody Presidency school, St. Xavier’s school, Medical school Kolkata. The state has several pedagogy institutes of national importance together with Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Management Kolkata, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, Saha Institute of natural philosophy, Asiatic Society, Indian applied math Institute, Marine Engineering and analysis Institute etc.

Festivals of West Bengal

Besides the opposite festivals of the Hindu calendar, Durga Puja is that the one that gains the ultimate importance and a focus in West Bengal. Durga Puja is an entertainment of just about seven days, but, the preparation starts months before the particular event. New garments are associate degree integral a part of Puja for each Bengali. Besides Durga Puja; Saraswati Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Kali Puja and Janmashtami are another festivals that area unit given special attention in geographic region. The art and craft of province is understood world over. tight with the bit of minute observation, Bengali art and craft area unit distinctive. The animal skin merchandise of Bengal are terribly famous everywhere the country.

Arts & Culture of West Bengal

The attire of the Bengalis is incredibly a lot of Indian in origin. the most dress for the male may be a cotton dhoti and silk or textile shirt with an extended artefact that’s placed on the shoulder and neck. the ladies wear cotton saris particularly referred to as Bangla tanter saree that’s worn in a unique approach, wherever the pallav of the saree comes from the backside of the user. The quality of the state is distributed. the bulk of the people are Bengalis. a number of the social group groups just like the Santhals and Oraon sleep in the remote plains whereas, the Lepchas and Bhotias live in the Himalayan regions of the state. 85 % of the population speaks Bengali whereas the remaining speaks Hindi, Urdu and alternative tribal languages.

Though the music of the state isn’t very recent, it’s gained lots additional maturity in its journey to perfection within the last two hundred years. However, within the long run, Bengali music, particularly Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti and baul songs have with success created their mark within the world of Indian music.

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