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If your home is below the lane level and sewerage water oftentimes flows in, transfer isn’t the most effective resolution. With today’s technology you’ll simply raise the extent of your house. which too with none risks the least bit. we provide fast and reliable building raising solutions that are actually outstanding. It’s time to avoid wasting cash and board constant home that you’re wont to living in. we tend to are here to assist. and that we are assured that you simply will certainly appreciate our solutions. we tend to are concerned in giving service with the assistance of Jacks in unison with the wants of our valued purchasers. Our service is rendered by trained professionals, who have Brobdingnagian experience in their various domains utilizing leading edge tools and technology. This service is widely known within the marketplace for its timely execution, promptness and responsibility. Further, the jacks we tend to use to uplift the homes square measure well-tested on varied parameters to make sure their high durability. Moreover, we tend to assure that offered service is rendered as per the requirements of purchasers with none kind of structural harm. House lifting service offered by us is undertaken by the consultants with utmost particularization.

The availed service is delivered by us using the trendy technology and trained personnel for the lifting the building. Also, our team of professional engineers is extremely mean and renders the service as per the specification provided by the consumer. prestigious clients will avail these service at purse friendly rates. It could be a impressive technology of lifting the extent of home while not inflicting damages on that. These days, people are change towards hiring of best company as they supply best services and charge reliable costs. Dream Land makes the Building raising procedure terribly straightforward to their client’s desires and need. With the utilization of refined tools and technology, we tend to are familiar for the most effective solutions removed from any harm or crack. thanks to the experience of our professionals, we’ve been engaged in giving glorious quality building raising Service. This service is rendered by our mean consultants in compliance with the international quality standards. we tend to are equipped with many kinds of hydraulic jacks that square measure extremely economical to raise house while not creating any quite harm.

Additional, we tend to make certain to condense this service at intervals stipulated time-frame. Further, this service is obtainable at the foremost cheap value to the purchasers we tend to are called one among the highest service suppliers of Lifting or shifting of economic buildings. This service is especially wont to uplift the industrial or residential buildings as per the consumer demand. These services are done by our mean team of extremely professionals and tough with the assistance of worldwide technology and tools. the whole service vary is broadly speaking acknowledge within the market thanks to its timely decapitation, precise solutions, safety and cost-effectiveness. Further, we provide the best solutions with none quite harm. we tend to are an award-winning team of highly-trained capable professionals who hold adequate expertise in delivering high-7quality solutions. Our lifting and shifting services are 100% safe. Your house stays further from damages. Your building sustains no cracks and the other damages. once our professionals get all the way down to work, they guarantee your building doesn’t develop cracks and the other harm at extraordinarily competitive costs. Our costs are extraordinarily competitive as a result of our prime concern is to supply you worth for cash.


What truly a Home is?

A house is one altogether the simplest assets that anyone possesses and constructing somebody dream home is a awfully troublesome and difficult task. Building a house is quite convoluted and puts us through quite an ton of issues and obligations plenty of to the point; construction coming up with is one such refined task, simply just in case if you’re constructing a dream house then you got to take under consideration varied aspects to construct a secure and secure home that stands tall for several years to come back. Reconstruction involves sight of money time and materials. This can be often impossible for everyone. plenty of over people has emotional attachment with their buildings. A house is place where our family live.

It is continuously a giant deal to demolish a precious home thus before planning to take this action of destruction go over and trust this technology rigorously

Preparing a House

Developing a home for family is each one dream in his life. we putting your all into day and night and earn most money build a building for living with our family. such a large amount of things are needed there. you may ought to talk to creator and can ought to get an estimate of investment from him at that time he will draw a rough structure of your building from there you’ll be able to get an inspiration concerning your budget that what proportion you’ll be able to invest in you dream house. He can show you the entire plane of your building and you and your creator can ought to visit your native municipal committee in India to pass your building construction. they’re going to approve it with very little taxation as per Indian Government rules. at that time you may contact a builder to complete your work. He can begin your work and your building are underneath construction for few months and as per in keeping with your agreement it’ll be done terribly shortly. you may begin living there it’ll be a awfully fine and pleasant movement of your life and everything are fine in your life. however once our life isn’t running fine as per our religion in God there is also such a large amount of reasons wherever we will feel so many problems in our life when the development of our building. we hope everyone ought to lookout of his building throughout the development because it’s going to damage you more. you ought to investigate your builder work throughout construction method, it’s your duty to examine whether or not he’s using the nice material or not, what proportion quantity he’s victimization in lantern? however sturdy your basement ought to be, it ought to be noticed by you. what proportion height your advanced ought to have throughout the event it will matter.

Chennai is southern part of India, there may be so many reasons to lift or shift a building from below the street level or from one place to another. no need to demolish it, it is dream house of your family. We charge very reliable and reasonable cost for house lifting. our costing depends upon your building raising or shifting measurements, Our price are very reasonable in the market however it depends on the matter How many feet you are looking to lift or shift your dream home.

Today citizens are facing numerous issues like getting into of waste water throughout rains owing to lowering down on road levels. Rainy water directly enters in to the house and search and destroys the property and make nice nuisance. If your home is below the road level and you have got no clue as a way to raise its level while not reconstruction it. Specialize in lifting and shifting the homes with none harm and raising their level with the assistance of Jack. With this scientific technique, within the project helped many peoples. By choosing this low cost and effective technique, they have saved lakhs of rupees and their valuable time.

Building a home, repairing, rebuilding or renovation, we all know and heard many time but fixing with a home and that too with its foundation and then lifting it to a desired height, is something not usually heard of.

If your home or business is in one among these areas and has ever been flooded, we are able to facilitate. Elevating your structure on top of the documented flood plain can facilitate defend your building from huge storms. In several cases, lifting your building can cut flood insurance premiums drastically.


Residential Buildings

Ask Supplier and its associates are built on trust established with its clients just from its first contact up to after work completion.

We have our own team of professional engineering department and machine warehouse on site which manufactures special parts. We design, we create carry out the lifting work which ensures cost effective solutions. Each basement is unique, and displays its own set of particular issues. That is why it is enough to deal with house raising experts when planning on having basement repair or house lifting work performed on your building. Ask Supplier and Associates is your number one choice for this type of problems. Together, we will discover new and permanent long-lasting solutions.

The right treatment by qualified engineers

From the beginning, we send our professional team for exact solution. We spend as much time as we need to get your goals. Your home is important to us and you as well, and we always work for it. That is why it is important to find the exact issues with your building, and spend the time to explore the situation to you so that you know all there is to know to develop a great decision.

The Better solution for work quality and reasonable pricing

After more than 10 years of experience, our strong engineers team is fully confident of house elevation, typology and regulation of the Quebec soils. We guarantee the better solution based on cheap rates, the condition of the house and your ideas as a landlord is important to us.

A safe and valuable work to your building and to your surrounding weather.

Our skilled professionals understands the value of a well done work and is careful for the society. Our latest tools and machines maximizes the importance of all operations. We have latest equipments and strategy for your work. Whether you need us to find out the main issues with your house for your comfort purposes, with us, you’re at proper place.

Perfect and guaranteed work

We know that your house is too much important to you. Whether you need to raise the height of your home or to replace a foundation in an existing house, effective solution of a foundation, install piles and reinforce a foundation, or to raise the height of a roof or structure, our professionals provide you better work quality in every aspect and Ask Supplier and Associates fully guarantee the work. We will make it as simple as you need it. The team at Ask Supplier and Associates is committed to providing much better customer service and providing our customer’s a better work satisfaction.


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Demolishing a building is not the solution to protect your home from flood water or below road level issue. W e provide you first class house lifting and shifting services in Chennai at reasonable price.


  1. We are very happy to all of you that our money has been saved by ASK Supplier and its team because they provide us better services and at reasonable cost

  2. Gobind Ghosh

    my building was constructed 35 years ago but at the current situation because of heavy rain the flood water is coming into my house. we are facing this issue since last many years. What are the security aspects please reply us by email.

    • admin

      Dear Sir, we are the team of well experienced engineers. I have sent all the details about your concern on your email. please check your email and reply us as soon as possible. please check the second attachment for house lifting and shifting price as well

  3. Aman Mehta

    How much experience you and your team have? Do you have any past experience in Kerla? please reply us. We are looking to lift a Temple. it is almost 3 story building in 400 yards. I need someone well experienced and reliable engineers in South India. Company having well reputation in Kerala Or Tamil Nadu are most welcome.

    • admin

      Yes we Provide services in South India. We are working house lifting work since last 20 years. we have completed a number sites in this area for more please share your mobile number or call us at 8930888666.

  4. Priynka devi

    My building get flooded since many years during the monsoon weather due to the increased height of the parallel road. Since then we are suffering from this issue. I got a ray of brightness when I came to know that the level of my constructed houses could also be raised. We are waiting for your response please share the estimated cost and time of the service.

    • admin

      You are most welcome sir please visit our contact us page and find the contact detail there. still facing any issue please call us at 8930888666

  5. Nicol Bigga

    Hi ASK Team, we have a Mosque in Hydrabad and we want to develop a basement under it or you may lift the building. please send your engineers and videos links from where we can check your work quality and also share the costing.

  6. Bipasha Ben

    To prevent our house from flood water we are looking for building lifting service in Kerala South India. Kerala is the most flood prone area of India. And after last flood in the region the rule of the flood safety and protection has been changed. Now a days the new rule has new height measurement for the residential or commercial buildings. Which cause major problem for low level buildings. To be in the government rule regulations with the new rules people have to construct houses. It is very costly thing as we have did it many time in the past and waist lot of money behind it.

    so what is the best possible solution of this problem. We do not want to demolish our house. is your services economical and time saving if yes then please meet us as soon as possible.

  7. Sandy Shy

    I am searching for a best house lifting company in my area please suggest what is your procedure of working, something like this can save our building to demolish and money as well.

  8. Manish

    What are the approx charges to lift our temple at 5 feet height in Kerala. total constructed area is 3500 sq. feet. When can your engineer visit our temple in Kerala. Last time your executive said our engineer will call you but we have not received your call yet.

  9. Manu Patel

    our house is 3 sides open in Hydrabad ( Andhra Pradesh ) and one side continuous to next house can we lift our home and how much time will it take please go through the matter and resolve our problem as soon as possible

  10. KS senthil Kumar


    My house located in Polichalour(pallavaram) i need to Lift my house 5 feet above from ground level. house around 600 square Feet please advice the estimated cost.

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