Work Quality

We maintain our work quality and deliver the project on time. We have already lifted more than 100 of residential and commercial buildings everywhere in India whether it is north, south, east or west India

Tools and Technology

We always use latest tools and techniques while we lift or shift the building. We have thousands of hydraulic jacks which are in awasome condition. Our team of engineers always ready to use them in a right way.

Costing and Reliablity

Our Service charges are affordable and services and reliblbe. Our Building raising service in economic as according to your budget. Our pricing is cheap and best as compared to other house lifting contractors in India.

House Lifting Services by Ask Supplier : A Brief Introduction

If you are looking for best & most reliable house lifting solution, then you have come to the right spot. In this process, we lift and shift the house with the assistance of hydraulic jacks. We utilize latest machines and assure you safe and harm free lifting of your buildings. We maintain high quality standards in our work by giving job to highly trained & skilled laborers. These services are taken as a necessary step in case of continuous flow of sewage water, floods and also in the case where your house or building is below street level. Not only buildings but multi-story buildings are also raised by our services. We are always ready to help you day & night, whenever you need our assistance in raising buildings. Timely execution, use of latest tools & technologies and consistency make our services a perfect solution. We are working night and day to be at your service anytime, so feel free to contact us whenever you need to solve the such type of problems.

A house is a special place of every one which can not be demolished easily because all our dreams and stories are there. so in small words it can not be ruin because of any reason. So if you are facing any type of issues like sewage issues, your building is below street level then you are into right hands, one stop solution for all your building issues. Our labor is a unit of hard workers, they always work as a unit and that is why we can say that your building will be completed as a crack free and risk free house lifting project.

We are expert in uplifting multi story buildings also. we have worked many project every where in India whether its South India, East India, West India or North. In past we worked for different type of services in this field like templeshopshowroomhotel raisinghospital movingmulti story buildings relocationcomplex lifting and many more.

Looking for the simplest and most reliable service providers? so, you have got come back to the opportune spot. Here, our prime concern is to provide you a fast, protected and savvy approach to raise your complexes. you will find our service, exceptionally valuable if your house is beneath the road level and you regularly encounter the irritation of waste matter or downpour water stopping up. offer a finish to the present with our incontestable house raising innovation and lift your home to your required height.

Watch Our video on in which you will see how to Lift a House ? 

We have a tendency to offer house lifting service in India and every one over south India. does one notice that our service will raise the amount of your Building or home while not inflicting harm on it? Well, currently you execute! before the accessibility of this wonderful innovation, individuals accustomed leave their homes and migrate somewhere else if their home was less than the road level.

Today, you will simply raise the amount of your home to urge a lot of over the road level while not making breaks or hidden harm in your home. We lift your buildings by latest and well tested jacks. you will always feel happy with us because we work hundred percent risk free work. Our well trained and quality maintaining engineers never give a chance of risk while handling your project. We always focus on quality work that is our first priority. We afford Building Leveling, house uplifting Service in India all states likewise as states, KeralaTamilnaduKarnatakaMaharashtraGujratAandhra pradeshpunjabWest Bengal. we have a tendency to square measure victimization jacks to raise building from ground level. we have a tendency to square measure the only real  professional company in Kerala with innovative technology.

The metropolitan organizations square measure frequently repairing streets and each time, they place a thick layer of blacktop thereon and lift the amount the road level, that therefore brings down the amount of existing homes or buildings and preventing unhealthy water from streaming within the houses seems to be greatly difficult.

We offer the answer for your problems, by raising your home from street level to a bigger quantity and for all time lose this continuance issue. we provide the simplest prices, that square measure surprisingly aggressive in lightweight of the actual fact that our prime concern is to supply you esteem for money.

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house raising images india

Building Lifting Images India

House Shifting Services in India

How to Shift a Building from One Place to another

House Lifting Services by Ask Supplier

Best House Lifting Services

Why to Choose Us for House Raising in India

Why Choose Us for House Lifting Services ?

  1. State-of-the-art equipment and Technology
  2. 100% safe shifting, lifting, relocation, and apartment raising services
  3. Your building sustains no damages and cracks, guaranteed safe and quality work. Our services are 100% safe. Your house stays clear of damages and any type of cracks.
  4. Extremely reliable prices as compared to other companies in India
  5. Award-winning team of highly-experienced and qualified engineers
  6. We use the latest technology and equipment to provide safe, smart and fast solutions for buildings.
    When our professionals started your work, they ensure your building does not develop damage and other crack.
  7. Client satisfaction is our main concern about the work, before we start your work, we will show you many of the projected done by our young professionals through out India. we have completed several projects in India in the past you can check our live videos on youtube chanel also, where you will be hundred percent sure about our quality and reliable work. so many national news channels cover our work in India. They always shows it a remarkable service because it saves all your money and time to destroy. When you will read many of the building lifting and shifting news articles and forums on internet you will feel that this work is amazing and it is possible just in some weeks only may be 2 to 3 weeks.

States we Cover: Haryana, Punjab, Odisha, uttrakhand, Jharkhand, Telangana, Himachal, Sri Nagar, Jammu, meghalya, Nagaland, Goa, Bihar


any way further if you wish to demolish your building you should go through some rule as per Indian Government that will be better for you and other as well. If your building construction is legal then Click Here to know more about building demolition rules in India.

For Building Demolition Contractors in India click here

If your building construction is illegal then click here to know the building demolition rules in India.

For fresh construction please go through the below given points for approvals:

  • Land Title: First and foremost, the builder has to get clear title for the land or plot
  • Land Clearance
  • Zonal Clearance
  • Building Approval
  • Completion Certificate
  • Services & Utilities Installation
  • Occupancy Certificate

Finally go for a building contractor and construct your new building. for building contractors in India click here 

Common Reasons to Lift or Shift a Building

Drainage Water

There are several reasons behind the selection of house lifting services but drainage water is one of the most common and very dirty reason. If your house facing drainage then you must demolish your home or you need to lift it because it will create so many problems in future for and your lovely child as well 

Flood Water

If you are living in a flood pron area then the flood water is the main cause of your house lifting. Demolish is not the exact solution because while we go for reconstruction, there will be a requirement so much amount to rebuild it. If you are financially strong then there is no issue you can develop it as you wish otherwise take our house lifting services and get your building lifted by our team of expert engineers. 

High Road Level

People often suffer the problem of high road level in front of their home. There may be any place where government has to construct the new roads or they have to repair these timely because of that many people got the issue of low level of their as compared to the road. In this case the rain water comes directly to their home and that's why they need House Lifting or Shifting.